Ice Stacks at Utah Lake

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The Ice Stacks at Utah Lake are a seasonal phenomenon that occur when it's cold enough for the water to freeze down a few inches and when the wind is strong enough to push the chunks of ice to the shore. They can be found in multiple locations on Utah Lake, but are most common near the harbors as the rocks help to break up the thick ice sheets. Many photographers and influencers have taken their iconic ice stack photos at Vineyard Beach, on the east side of the lake. This beach has parking and does not require a parking fee.

Be sure to take caution when taking photos on the ice, as sometimes it's thinner than it seems and can lead to injuries. To learn more about when and where to find ice stacks at Utah Lake, listen to episode 44 – Ice Stacks: Where and When to Find Them of the Utah Lake Podcast.

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"Enter Utah Lake State Park and continue driving out to the end of the Jetty (go past the marina and all the ice fishermen). The ice stacks can be found all along the rocks on the outside of the jetty - they typically form after several cold freezes in late December / early January and can last until as late as February or March. Definitely a must see!" - Kylie Trisha Chenn

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