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Soothing Snakes by Carrie! THE UTAH SNAKE LADY!

I have six snakes for you to experience!

• Kenyan Sand Boa, grey, tiny
• Creamsicle corn, orange, Bella
• 2 ball pythons, brown/black, Tulip & Botan
• Boa Constrictor Imperator, mustache, Scarlet
• Dumeril's Boa, Storm, quite large!!

Each of my reptiles has amazing behavior and experience with various types of people, young and old. They appreciate the warmth of a body, and enjoy the outings to explore new smells! They have had numerous photoshoots with dozens of models, visited a college psychology class, and love making people smile at birthday parties and special events.

Therapy is something you might consider to
♡ Rise above your fear (ophidiophobia)
♡ Sit calmly holding snakes while discussing any concerns or troubles
♡ Lay for a private session of Snake Massage!

◇Any of these scheduled private events can be accompanied by my professional photographer ◇
ADDITIONAL photo fee discussed, after determining availability.

Minimum Hours: 1.0

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